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BIO Feed Back

Heal naturally from within
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About Us

With more than 10 years of experience in Natural Medicine, our center focuses on the Quantum therapy, biofeedback.
Biofeedback is a highly advanced technological treatment method that is not based on the body's chemical action, but on the waves emitted from the body’s electromagnetic field. It has the ability to detect stress and stressors that are negatively affecting our well-being. These stresses can reveal themselves as a blockage, imbalance, or weakness within the body.
That is why in our practice we view the symptom solely as a messenger and look for reasons why the symptom is being produced. By analysing all the wave-info the client emits we can help build a preventive health and aim for an enriching healthcare and mindset.

"Healing comes from within to without."

Prof. William C. Nelson
Inventor of SCIO



The biofeedback device we useQUEST9 ®is unique among biofeedback and bioresonance devices, because it is both an assessment and a therapeutic system.

It is also the latest and most up-to-date device created by Prof. William Nelson, a former NASA researcher who devoted more than three decades of his life to researching quantum physics, psychology, biology, natural and alternative medicines. Besides working on NASA's Apollo project, investigating the electromagnetic fields applied to medicine, he also developed the biofeedback energy treatment called SCIO still used today and a predecessor of Quest9.

Besides combining Quantum physics knowledge with the ancient Oriental medicine, the QUEST9 represents technological excellence and has decades of experience in quantum biofeedback programs serving health and wellness worldwide.

Major medical studies recognize biofeedback as an efficient pain management technology, being already used in private clinics and hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and St John's Hospital (USA).

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Scan of bioenergetics of human and biofeedback from computer.
Accuracy and Reliability

Like the known medical tools such as EEG, ECG and EMG, which use the recording of electrical current to diagnose, this quantum therapy also uses the energy of DNA to maintain the balance of the psycho-biological "machine" by detecting and correcting the imbalances of the body to its state of equilibrium.

Frequencies and Disease

All our body is made of energy. Each cell is a mini oscillating circuit vibrating at a certain tune. When this tune is disrupted by deficiencies, viruses, toxins, etc., the cell cannot function at its full capacity. Harmful frequencies become stored in the cells and can quietly evolve for years before they even manifest as illness.

Safe and adaptive

It is a therapy that stimulates the already existing healing ability of the body through stress detection and reduction, without ever overloading it. Meaning, the device has built in mechanisms for auto-regulating, auto-adjusting and safety shut-off, so the probability of over-treatment does not exist.

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